1. Andre

    Доброго дня. Я з України. Маю 210 мерседес т1 1993 року. Мені цікаво встановлення переднього мосту та роздаточної коробки на авто. Мені цікаво які мости та роздатку ви встановлюють і приблизна ціна проекту. Дякую.

  2. Sebastian

    I hope you understand the translation.

    I found your video on YouTube a couple of months ago and started thinking about some beautiful Mercedes-Benz T1 in 4×4 version because I have owned Toyota Landcruiser for a long time so I love off-roading a lot.

    The only problem is that I would like to ship for more people and there is not enough space.

    I was planning a trip to the Balkans, we were there a couple of weeks ago and we did it with Fiat Ducato, including a full national park in Albania through the mountains where I was thinking about you and your cars all the time! 🙂

    And I finally met a German couple with similar Mercedes as I have seen on your website or YouTube so I stopped them and asked them if this awesome car is not from SwissVan and they were really so surprised that I knew! 🙂

    Could you please tell me what an approximate price could be for this type of car and how long should I wait after ordering it and give you a deposit or some cash upfront, etc.?

    Thanks for your reply, can’t wait!

    Good day,

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